At Diversified Business Network, LLC the entrepreneurial spirit established by our founder continues to be a key driving force today. Each of our business divisions provide highly sophisticated products and services that are needed and searched for throughout the United States and Canada. We believe that one of our most important strengths is in the diversity of our companies. We offer services that empower the average person, or small business owner. Through our unique segment of companies, we are working to create innovative solutions that will give us the ability to offer better employment opportunities. We are focused on enhancing access to jobs, and improving our country as a whole. Our success has been built on the premise that our most important objectives can only be accomplished through people who believe in our company, and who gain satisfaction from the services we perform. It is not just about getting better at what we do, it is about striving for the best, creating value for our Corporation and innovating for a BETTER WORLD.

our companies

Elite Business Network


Elite Business Network is a Credit Card Processing and Equipment Provider. Our focus is small to medium business owners in need of processing credit cards. www.elitebusinessnetworkllc.com

Diversified Financial Network


Diversified Financial Network is an alternative lending firm with a HUGE network of lending partners. Our goal is to get you the funding you need to attain your goals. www.diversifiedfinancegroup.com

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